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Hi! I am a Web Developer with a science background in Forest Engineering. "Excuse me, what?" lol yes, instead of studying computers to solve computer problems, I chose to get a deeper understanding of engineering and environmental issues, in order to come up with some good computer solutions for them. In other words, I wanted to be the bridge that connected both areas, using computers from a technical, but highly professional, point of view. Since I didn't want to create my own computer language or my own operating system, I decided to become a really good programmer, while keeping contact with the "real world" through the engineering perspective. I believe this is what makes me a very unique developer. I took loads of great computer classes in college, and lots of programming courses after graduation, however, I felt programming couldn't be an end in itself. My background in engineering allowed me to develop some valuable programmer virtues, such as a clinical eye for functionality, usability, precision, security, and optimization. It has also made me wired to constantly search for the perfect balance between the client's goal, the available budget, the deadline, and the latests technologies. As an engineer, I feel it is my duty to focus on the client's needs and specifications, aiming to achieve results. As a result of my background in engineering and my 12+ years experience as a web developer, I am uniquely equipped to fulfill all kinds of requests, from simple business websites to complex scientific web applications. My goal is to find the best technology to bring your project to life, while keeping your cost low and affordable. Also, I make sure to provide solid documentation and to evaluate the future of the technologies used, to assure you that the system will continue to be viable for many years to come.
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