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I am a Senior Front-end Architect at a global financial company and an adjunct professor in Computer Science at the University of North Carolina. Web Development is my life long passion and my professional career started in the late 1990's. Read more about it on LinkedIn.

During the day I spend my time coordinating front-end Projects, conducting research and POCs on the latest technologies, defining standards for our Front-end Shop, providing technical solutions and recommendations, giving training and workshops, and assisting individual front-end developers in various challenges. At night, I have the opportunity to teach "Software Architecture and Design" to the undergrads and "System Integration" to the graduate students at UNCC.

The combination of my involvement with real world challenges, practical hands-on coding, and a strong theoretical foundation, has brought me valuable insights on how to increase the quality of front-end products and the efficiency of their development in a way that is meaningful to organizations and to final users. I am excited to share these constant insights to help the front-end community through books, workshops, lectures, video courses, and blog posts.

Personal goals:

  • Director of Frontend:
    Coordinate the work of front-end development, including UI, UX, JavaScript, R&D, Continued Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Accessibility, CI & CD, and so forth.
  • Front-end Architecture:
    To bring maturity to front-end development by creating a sub-specialization of the field of Software Architecture that s especially curated to benefit front-end work.
  • Research:
    • Productivity and maintainability of front-end projects;
    • Longevity: Achieving success on short and long terms of front-end applications;
    • Aritificial Intelligence: AI applied on UI/XU and vice-versa;
    • Portability: Front-end for Desktop, Mobile, IoT and Embedded systems;
    • Power: Extend front-end capabilities with WebAssembly, WebGL and the New Capabilities Project;
    • Reach: To have front-end code to communicate with external devices - WebUSB WebBluetooth WebNFC.

Book - Professional Front-end Architecture

Book - Professional Front-end Architecture

Front-end development has become too big, too important, too complex and too expensive to be treated as a mere sub-part of the web development pipeline. In order to break free from survival mode and move toward “continuous innovation” we need... Read more...


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A blog to discuss ideas about Artificial Intelligence on UI/UX and vice-sersa. Have something to say? Become one of our authors!


A blog to discuss ideas and practices of Front-end Architecture. Have something to say? Become one of our authors!


Consulting / Advisory

In this service I will assist your organization to lower development costs and increase productivity by guiding the implementation of professional Front-end Architecture guidelines. I will also identify the best opportunities for quality improvement for both teams and products, performance optimization, tooling, workflow, and more. Results expected:

  • Higher productivity
  • Higher maintainability of products
  • Increase in scalability, security, and speed
  • Increase in alignment with Business goals
  • A work environment more pleasant for developers

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Help your team excel by offering them practical training in Front-end Architecture! During this training your team will review the principles of professional Front-end Architecture and participate in exercises to validade and cement the knowledge obtained. Here are some of the things that we can do:

  • Katas - RPG-style simulations of architectural challenges
  • Communication exercises
  • Learning assessment to identify where each participant needs to get better preparation

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