Book - Professional Front-end Architecture

Book - Professional Front-end Architecture

Front-end development has become too big, too important, too complex and too expensive to be treated as a mere sub-part of the web development pipeline. In order to break free from survival mode and move toward “continuous innovation” we need... Read more...


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Proven experience


  • Specialist in all Frontend related topics
    • React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, Marko, ...
    • AG-Grid, HighCharts, Bootstrap ...
    • Tensorflow, D3JS, Babylon, ThreeJS, ...
    • SASS, BEMCSS, OOCSS, ...
    • Cordova, Electron, Tauri, Neutralino, ...
    • Web Components
    • SSR - Server Side Rendering
    • Browser Performance
    • SEO
  • Backend
    • NodeJS and Python
    • SQL and Non-SQL Databases
    • System Integration
      • API development, testing, monitoring, security
      • Microservices, REST, GraphQL, RPC, Kafka, etc
      • Authentication and Authorization


  • Direct and coordinate Frontend initiatives
  • Convert business directives into strategic architectural plans
  • Translate business requests into techincal actions
  • Lead techincal research into new technologies
  • Contact and maintain good rapport with vendors
  • Conduct Proof of Concepts
  • Coach/train developers in new technologies
  • Perform quality control for code and products
  • Establish and improve Agile efforts
  • Ensure scalability and maintainability of Frontend products
  • Secure Frontend products
  • Design and Coordinate Cloud Infrastructure
  • Direct UX Research and Design
  • Promote and capture strategic ideas
  • Coordinate innovation efforts - from ideation to delivery
  • Knowledge management